Spray Tanning
Spray tanning is perfect for every occasion, season, vacation, holiday, wedding, prom, or get together!  Spray tanning is the safest possible way to get a beautiful natural looking glow or dark tan without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.  Wheather you are very fair skinned or very deep in color, we have every shade to suit your needs.  Many spray tan companies produce a solution that make you look orange, and with Sun Lab this does not happen.  Sun Lab produces their formula with an ash base to cutm out all that orange tone, leaving you with a beautiful bronze look!  At The Parlour we offer different spray tanning sessions.  Full body, or head neck, and shoulders, or legs.  We also do spray tanning on-the-go.  If you would like to be a host of a spray tan party, you will get a spray tan for FREE!  Contact us if you would like some more information or pricing.
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Some typically asked questions about spray tanning:
Will a spray tan protect me from getting sunburn?
No.  There is no SPF or sunblocking agent in spray tan formula
Is the spray tanning solution safe?
Yes, it is safe.  The formula we use is hypoallergenic.  The main ingredient in spray tan formulas is DHA, which is approved by the FDA.
Is there anything I can do to assure I get the best spray tan?
Yes.  There are many things to do.  One of the most important things that you must do is to thoroughly exfoliate before spray tanning. The shallower the dead skin layer on the surface of your skin, the more time it will take for this layer to build up before it starts rubbing off. That means the better the exfoliation, the more even your tan will be throughout it's life and the longer it will last.  Of course it is just as vital to moisturize every day after spray tanning to keep your skin from drying out and exfoliating prematurely.
How brown will I get?
Everybody’s skin develops its own individual colour. Some people go very brown, others get just a glow.  It is also up to the spray tan professional to choose the most flattering color for your skin tone.
How long will the tan last?
Sun Labs spray tans last anywhere between 7 to 10 days.  Depending how you prepare for and take care of your spray tan will determine how long it lasts as well.
How soon after the spray tan can I shower?
It is best to wait the full 8 hours that Sun Lab recommends.
Can I go swimming after a spray tan?
You can go swimming, but just know that chlorine will made your spray tan fade faster.
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